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Published 1 month ago

By Antonije Kovačević

HOW WE OVERCOME THE CRISIS IN THE TRUCKING BUSINESS: A Serbian company from Chicago founded a brokerage house and now has stable prices and steady tours!

The transportation industry in the United States is in a major crisis, which has been going on since last year. And while most trucking companies are trying to survive in the current circumstances, waiting for better days and prices, some did not sit idly by but anticipated possible challenges and set out to meet them.

Thus, the company “Insomnia 888” founded its own brokerage house “BidCoin”, which in these times of crisis, as they point out, enables them and their partners, drivers, and owner-operators, to better prices and steady loads.

-As a company that had a large growth in business capacity for years, and predicted that after several excellent years, as usually happens, a crisis would follow, we made a decision in 2021 to invest part of the profit in a brokerage house. Taught by experience, we turned to the future, which has paid off many times over, says Slobodan Bob Brakovic, co-owner of “Insomnia 888” and the brokerage “BidCoin”.

His partner Alexandar Vukajlovic adds that their primary goal was to ensure stable business conditions, and in this business, that means – regular clients and steady rides.

-During the period of great expansion of the transport industry as it was two or three years ago, our brokerage company “BidCoin” was developing strategy and contacts for the type of goods that are essential, therefore intended for vital life needs, on the wings of our trucking firm “Insomnia 888”. These long-standing contacts and cooperation with clients today make logistical planning easier for us. Our trucks and those of our drivers and owner-operators do not wait in yards, they do not waste time, because even in this time of crisis, we are always able to provide them with steady and well-paid loads, Vukajlovic points out.

Both of them underline that success does not come overnight, but is the result of long-term planning and cooperation with clients.

-We learned a lesson, partly from our own, partly from the experiences of others. We realized that the relationship with the clients is the best foundation for the future. If you take care of their needs every day regardless of the state of the market, you will be reciprocated, because people remember good things and mutual trust develops. The very name BidCoin says that the client is in the first place for our brokerage house and that the goal is to combine the brokerage and transport business to get a synergy that will bring benefits to everyone, states Slobodan Brakovic.

OVERCOME THE CRISIS BY INVESTING IN THE FUTURE: Brakovic (left) and Vukajlovic (right) with Džef Prun, the mayor of Itasca

Through investment in the network of clients in the past two years, “Insomnia 888” has developed its brokerage to the level where some of the biggest companies in the American Midwest, but throughout the USA, are happy to emphasize cooperation with them and recommend them to other big clients.

At a time of constant turmoil in the transportation business, this is a good example that may serve as an inspiration to other companies in America – to use the good times in this business in the future to take a step forward and prevent the crises that are coming.

BIDCOIN: A brokerage house is the best way to ensure stable business in crisis conditions

In the meantime, Slobodan and Alexandar invite all interested truck drivers and owner-operators to contact them and discuss potential cooperation:

-Come and let’s jointly devise and agree on how we will overcome this crisis because we are no different from you, but maybe we can offer you a solution to the problems you are currently in or simply better conditions to pay for your hard work in this business, they say.

Anyone interested can call: 888-881-6612 and 888-858-3321 or via E-mail: and, and you can find more information about the transportation company and the brokerage house at their websites: and

Pioneers in the mission of humanity

The company “Insomnia 888” was in the spotlight a few months ago, when they founded the not-for-profit “Insomnia 888 Safe Nest Foundation” in Chicago, which deals with humanitarian and socially responsible work for the well-being community.

On that occasion, their guest was Jesse White, the legendary state secretary of Illinois, who spent 23 years in that position and is the most popular politician in this American state in the 21st century. Mr. White accepted to be on the “Insomnia 888 Safe Nest Foundation’s Board of Directors, and its founders explained the Foundation’s goal:

COLLABORATION FOR THE WELL-BEING OF COMMUNITY: Brakovic and Vukajlovic with the legendary Jesse White

-We are happy and proud to be able to help the community, our environment, and those who need this help the most. A person who shares something with others is happier for the happiness of those with whom he shares, and we recognized that idea as our mission. We invite other Serbian companies to join us, there is room for all people of goodwill in our organization. I think this is a good opportunity to present the Serbian community in the best way possible, to show our gratitude for the opportunity that America gave us, said Slobodan Brakovic and Alexandar Vukajlovic at the time.

Article by: Antonije Kovacevic Photo: Vladimir Talijan, Insomnia 888, BidCoin


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