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Published 2 years ago

By Antonije Kovačević

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, MARK BRNOVICH: It`s about time for the US to get its first Serbian and first orthodox senator! (VIDEO)

In an exclusive interview with the Serbian Times, Mark Brnovich, Arizona’s attorney general and candidate for the US Senate talked about the current political, security, and economic situation and the biggest problems facing the United States, as well as the tragic mistakes of Biden`s and Obama`s administrations.

A man whose victory could give the Republicans a majority in the Senate also reveals that he does not like politics much and that one of his biggest motives for running was that there is not a single Serb in the US Senate and not a single Orthodox Christian who would represent many Orthodox peoples living in the US: Serbs, Russians, Ukrainians, Greeks, Bulgarians, Romanians, Armenians, Georgians, Montenegrins, Macedonians…

We started the interview with the issue that bothers his home country, Arizona, the most, and that is the security of citizens and border problems with illegal emigration, crime, and human trafficking…

In your media statements, you called the immigration crisis on the Arizona
border an invasion. Who is to blame for such a situation?

– The federal government is at the apex of its power when it comes to the border and
national security. Neither Congress nor President Biden has done anything to
secure our border and protect American security and sovereignty. In fact, they
have done the opposite; they’ve made the situation so much worse and
more dangerous. There’s a lot of blame to go around in the federal government, and
sadly not enough solutions or resolve to enforce the rule of law. I continue to sue
the Biden administration because they do not have any discernable strategy,
except to ignore the law.

How to solve this illegal immigration problem, not only in terms of the
the influx of immigrants but also human trafficking and drug cartels?

-First, we need leaders who have the resolve to enforce the rule of law. Then we
need good policies. I have fought in the courtroom to lead the effort against the
lawlessness Joe Biden has created. So whether it’s suing to stop the Title 42 policy
from ending; personally arguing at the United States Supreme Court to stop the
rescission of the public charge rule; trying to force the Biden administration to
keep building the border wall, or fighting to keep the remain in Mexico policy in
place…there is a long list of actions I’ve taken to secure our border. I have and
will continue to fight for border security. It’s unfair to not only Arizona but to all
of the country, to have a president that seems to care more about central
America, than middle America.

You sued the Biden administration for suspending the construction of the
wall at the border. How far has this case come?

-We are still challenging this action in federal court. But I will continue to use
every tool in my toolbox as Arizona Attorney General to secure our border.
Because border security is national security.

You are running for Arizona senator in this year’s election. How satisfied are
you with the campaign so far and what do you expect from the elections?

-I’m extremely satisfied with our campaign and the response we have received
from Arizonans. I’m the only candidate in the race who has won two statewide
elections in our state, and I have a record – as opposed to others in the race. Polls
show a tight race, but I am confident that once Arizona voters look at my record
and my positions on key issues, they will support my candidacy. Look, there’s a
lot of money being spent against me, but while others talk, I have been on the
front lines fighting for the rule of law and security of our country.

In recent years, as an AG, you have distinguished yourself in the fight for
consumer rights against corporations such as General Motors, Volkswagen,
Ticketmaster, where they had to pay large sums of money to the citizens and
the state of Arizona? What will be at the center of your struggle if you become
a senator?

-I’m very proud of the work I’ve done protecting consumers, but this election is
about Security. Americans are concerned with their national and economic
security. We need leaders in our federal government who understand that their
jobs are to protect Americans’ security, starting with our own border.
Furthermore, we need to foster an economic environment where anyone can
work hard and prosper. That starts with a safe physical environment and
continues with low taxes, less regulation, and energy independence.

In the past, you have advocated the death penalty in the cases of the worst
criminals. Do you still think so and what do you think about the case of Frank
Jarvis Attwood, who was executed just a few days ago?

-I worked closely with Vicki Lynn Harisson’s family to ensure that her family got the last
word and not her brutal killer. The death penalty is reserved for those who
commit the most heinous of crimes against our society. These individuals have
been convicted by a jury of their peers and have undergone decades of Appeals.
Meanwhile, victim’s families are left to suffer over the delay of Justice, while the
killers receive three square meals every day for decades. I made a promise that I
would uphold the rule of law when it came to the death penalty, and I have done
everything I can to support victims and see that killers in our system receive the
justice they deserve.

Back in 2016, you announced that Arizona would join the Texas lawsuit
against the Barack Obama administration, which ordered public schools to
allow students to use bathrooms and showers based on their gender identity
(even if it differs from the biological sex of students). What do you think about
Obama’s decision today, especially in light of the case of the boy who raped
two girls in the schools of West Virginia?

-I’ve been standing up to the federal government’s crazy policies from the
beginning, going back to the Obama administration. Every day we are seeing the
sad and terrible results of their leftist ideology. I will always put Arizona’s
interests and values ahead of the radical ideologies that are sweeping our nation. I’m
proud of the work our office has done to stand up to federal overreach, starting
with the Obama-Biden administration and continuing with the Biden-Harris

Trump did not support your campaign for senator because you
refused to initiate a process to investigate the election theft in 2020. How
much does this reduce or increase your chances of in-party elections?

-No one has done more for election integrity than I have. I’m very proud of my
record on this key issue. I literally had the most important election case in a
generation named after me….Brnovich v. DNC and I personally argued it at the US
Supreme Court as well. We have approximately 20 criminal cases related to the
2020 election, but I’m limited as a prosecutor in what I can say while investigations
and cases are not final. Anyway, I’ve said from the moment I ran for office the
first time, running for attorney general, that the most important endorsement I’m
pursuing is that of Arizona voters. I’m glad folks like Mark Levin and Sean Hannity
are supporting my Senate run, and I support many of President Trump’s policies,
but I will always remain true to my values and beliefs.

WITHOUT TRUMP`S ENDORSEMENT: ” I support many of President Trump’s policies,
but I will always remain true to my values and beliefs.

Do you think Republicans have a better chance in the presidential election
with Trump or some other candidate?

-Right now, I am concentrating on running my own race and doing the best job I
can as Arizona’s Attorney General.

You stated somewhere that your mother fled the former Yugoslavia
because of communism… Does what has been happening in the last two years in
the US reminds you of communism and what phenomena in particular?

-I think anyone who’s family has not just studied history, but lived it, has to be
worried about the attempt of liberal democrats to concentrate power in
Washington DC. The Biden administration is trying to socialize our economy,
nationalize our elections, and make everyone dependent on unelected
bureaucrats. That should worry everyone who understands the history of
communism and marxism.

Your father is a Serb from Montenegro, and your mother is a Serb from
Split (Dalmatia). Can you tell us a bit more about your background…

-I’m very proud of my cultural background and was fortunate to grow up speaking
another language and attending Saint Sava Church. My only regret is I was never
good at kolo dancing….but my daughters Milena and Sofija are very good! The
Brnovich’s were mountain people from near Podgorica, so I always tell my girls
that one day I’m gonna go back and grow grapes and make wine as my relatives
did for centuries!

Do you have relatives in the Balkans and do you keep in touch with them?
When was the last time you were in Serbia or Montenegro? Do you have a
favorite place there?

-We do have relatives there. I’m fortunate my wife has embraced my roots and
since the day we got married at Saint Sava, she has always enjoyed everything
from our ceremonies to Balkan cooking to visiting the old country. We try to visit
every year and last year we went to Budva and Herceg Novi. Even had a chance
to grab lunch with Vlade Divac while we were both there last summer! We love
the area around Kotor, and especially Herceg Novi. Budva used to be our favorite,
but it seems to get rowdier every time we visit there.

Is it true that political advisers advise candidates of Serbian and
Montenegrin origin does not talk about their ethnicity in the campaign because of
the bad image that Serbia and Montenegro had in the 1990s? Did anyone advise
you in that way and what did you tell them?

-Anyone that knows me will tell you that no political advisor can tell me what to
do. I’ve gotten this far in life by being myself and embracing my background. It’s
sad these days the media and Hollywood seem to always portray eastern
Europeans as the “bad guys.” I don’t like politics, but one of the reasons why I’m
running is because there is not one person of my ethnicity in the US Senate.
Not even any other Orthodox Christians in the senate; no Greek, Russian, Serbian,
Bulgarian, Romanian, Armenian, Georgian, Montenegrian, Macedonian, or Albanian Orthodox U.S. Senators.

You are coming to Chicago on the 26th of June for a fundraising event. What
do you expect from the great Serbian community in this area?

-I have friends and a lot of supporters in Illinois. I hope they will continue to
support OUR campaign and bring along their non-Serbian friends to join our fight!

Article by: Antonije Kovačević Photo: